The church of the Kravarsko parish is located on the green hills, as a symbol of gathering, praise, faith and love.

The bell sound splits the day in half and calls for prayer, announces celebrations, mourns the dead and gathers the living.

This is a place that abounds in comfort, calming silence, painful whispers, strong prayer and joyful songs.

A house where the heart calms down, the soul invigorates, strength gathers and wounds heal.

The Home of our Father.


At the end of December 2020, in the vicinity of Petrinja and Sisak, there have been several frequent and significant earthquakes.

The strongest impact occurred on 29 December 2020 at 12:19 PM, with a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake was felt throughout Croatia, but also in parts of Austria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. The quake caused great damage to buildings and family homes.

Sadly, there were human casualties.

The church in Kravarsko was severely damaged.

The tower had collapsed as well as a part of the church roof; the walls of the church and the sacristy were damaged. The organ and inventory were irreversibly destroyed.

A series of several hundred small earthquakes followed which printed additional cracks on the walls almost every hour.

Due to the degree of damage to the church, impaired static and safety, the necessary decision was taken to demolish and reconstruct a new building.

Call for donation

The Kravarsko parish office appeals for donations for new church building. A donation bank account for funds intended for construction of a new parish church in Kravarsko is opened.

We invite all friends, our sisters and brothers, and all people of good will who can support our work and be supportive of constructing a new parish church to provide assistance through prayer and monetary contributions.

Bank name:
Privredna banka Zagreb

Bank acc:
IBAN HR61 2340 0091 5111 1091 5

Payments from abroad:

Payment label:
Construction of the parish church Kravarsko

Kindly send us a photo of the deposit slips for proper accounting and documentation of donations.

Donors have options to remain anonymous if required.

The Kravarsko Parish Office is available for any additional information:


Kravarsko earthquake - tower action

Kravarsko earthquake - full version eng

Kravarsko earthquake - short version eng

Kravarsko earthquake - demolishion start